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Micro CHP Boiler

Micro CHP Boilers – UK Based Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance. 

Micro CHP Specification
Operating Voltage: 240 VAC
Frequency: 50HZ / 60HZ
Dimensions: 54″ x 30″ x 43″
Weight of Unit: 390KG / 860lb
Power Factor: 0.98 – 1
Exhaust Gas Temperature: < 180F
Electrical Output Range: 1.2 – 4.4KW
Thermal Output Range: NG 13000 – 42000BTU/hr
Natural Gas Consumption: 6.15kwh – 19.04kwh
Overall Efficiency: 93%
Average Sound Level @ 1m: 55db(A)
Average NOx Emissions: 0.005 lb/MWh
What Is A Micro CHP Boiler?
A micro CHP Boiler (Combined Heat and Power) unit is a small-scale device that generates electricity and heat simultaneously. It functions on the same principle as a CHP system, using a single fuel source to produce electricity and heat through a highly efficient process. However, the difference between a CHP and a micro CHP is the scale of the system – a micro CHP unit is relatively small and designed for use in residential or small commercial buildings. The electricity generated is used to power the building, while the heat is used to heat the water or space in the building. This provides an alternative source of energy that is highly efficient, cheaper and more environmentally friendly compared to traditional energy sources.

Micro CHP Application For Large Residential & Commercial Buildings

Multi Family Homes, Town Houses & HMO's
Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure, Care Homes & Hospitals

Schools,  Colleges and Universities

Micro CHP Boiler

Reduce Energy Cost by 40%

Marathon Engine
CHP Boiler

Engine: Water Cooled, single Cylinder, four stroke piston engine, designed for long running time.
Maintenance every 4000 Hours.
Heating Flow Temp: 75 Celsius
Heating Return Temp: 35 - 60 Celsius

Long Life Brushless permanent magnet generator and Inverter.

  • D
  • H
  • M
  • S
Low Carbon Emission

The Best Micro CHP Technology In The World.

Micro CHP System Explained (Combined Heat and Power) generator is a type of energy system that uses a single fuel source, such as natural gas or biogas, to generate both electricity and heat. The generator typically consists of an engine or turbine that is connected to an electric generator and a heat recovery system.

Benefits oF CHP generator burns Natural Gas to generate electricity, just like a traditional power plant. However, unlike traditional power plants, which waste the heat generated during electricity production, a CHP generator captures and uses the heat for other purposes, such as central heating or hot water.

Book Today –  CHP Boiler Repair, Installation and Maintenance

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